Utkur Mirsaidov

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics & Biological Sciences

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Our goal is to understand how nanoscale processes that are essential to physics, materials and biology take place by directly imaging their dynamics. How do atoms come together to form crystals? How does a set of nanoscale objects assemble, how proteins interact with eachother? How does the first layer of water molecules wetting surfaces interact with solids? are only few of many questions that we ask in our group.

Finding answer to these questions is not only important for many technologies and applications but sometimes it also can challenge our thinking about the processes that we thought we knew.

Selected Publications:
  • G. Lin, X. Zhu. U. Anand, Q. Liu, J. Lu, H. Su,  U. Mirsaidov, "Nanodroplet-Mediated Assembly of Platinum Nanoparticle Rings in Solution." Nano Lett. 16 (2), 1092–1096 (2016). 
  • U. Anand, J. Lu, N. D Loh, Z. Aabdin,  U. Mirsaidov, "Hydration Layer-mediated Pairwise Interaction of Nanoparticles." Nano Lett. 16 (1), 786–790 (2016). 
  • Q. Liu, F. Y. Leong, Z. Aabdin, U. Anand, T. S. B. Quang, U. Mirsaidov, "Nanodroplet depining from nanoparticles."  ACS Nano 9(9), 9020–9026 (2015). 
  • Z. Aabdin, J. Lu, X. Zhu, U. Anand, N. D. Loh, H. Su, U. Mirsaidov, "Bonding Pathways of Gold Nanocrystals in Solution." Nano Lett. 14(11), 6639–6643 (2014). 
  • J. Lu, Z. Aabdin, N. D. Loh, D. Bhattacharya, U. Mirsaidov, "Nanoparticle Dynamics in a Nanodroplets." Nano Lett.14(4), 2111–2115 (2014).