Yu Xiaojiang

Senior Research Fellow, Singapore Synchrotron Light Source, Beamline scientist, NUS

Contact:Tel: +65-6516 7951, Fax: +65-6773 6734


PhD, Univ of Science & Technology of China, Thesis: design and construction of a surface physics beamline for synchrotron radiation.
 Master, Univ of Science & Technology of China, Thesis: a data acquisition system applied to synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy and its applications.
 B.S, Univ of Science & Technology of China, Thesis: Photo-luminescence of solid state materials.

Visiting scientist (1999)  Daresbury laboratory, UK, LURE, France, DESY, Germany.
Total papers >100

Research Areas:

Extensive experience and expertise in designing, building and operating synchrotron radiation beamline,
Research interests in application of synchrotron radiation, in particular, photoemission spectroscopy (XPS), X-ray absorption (XAS), x-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) for surface and interface research for thin films, organic molecular and magnetic materials. Resonant soft X-ray scattering at strongly correlated material.

Selected Publications:

1.HERNG T S, W XIAO, S M POH, F He, R Sutarto, X Zhu, R Li, X YIN, C DIAO, Y YANG, X HUANG, X Yu, Y P Feng, Andrivo RUSYDI and J Ding, “Achieving a high magnetization in sub-nanostructured  magnetite  films  by  spin-flipping  of  tetrahedral  Fe3+ cations”, Nano Research,  (2015).  (Germany).  (DOI 10.1007/s12274-015-0798-7)

2.YEO, L H, S AMAR, M A MAJIDI, R.  Sutarto, F.  He,  S  M  POH,  C  DIAO,  X  Yu,  R  M MALLIKARJUNA,  S  SURAJIT,  S.  Ojha, D.  Kanjilal,  E  T  PAOLO,  M  B  H  BREESE,  T  V VENKATESAN  and  Andrivo  RUSYDI, “Anomalous  spectral-weight  transfers  unraveling oxygen  screening  and  electronic  correlations  in  the  insulator-metal  transition  of  VO2".  Physical Review B,  91, no. 8  (2015)

3.WANG, Y, L Cao, J ZHONG, YY Han, WH Zhang, X Yu, FQ Xu, D QI and A T S Wee,"Molecular Orientation and Site Dependent Charge Transfer Dynamics at PTCDA/TiO2(110) Interface Revealed by Resonant Photoemission Spectroscopy". The Journal of Physical Chemistry C: Nanomaterials and Interfaces, 118(8) (2014): 4160-4166.

4.Wang, Baoming, Lu You, Peng Ren, X YIN, Yuan Peng, Bin Xia, Lan Wang, X Yu, S M POH, P YANG, Guoliang Yuan, Lanh Chen, Andrivo RUSYDI and Wang Junling, "Oxygen-driven anisotropic transport in ultra-thin manganite films". Nature Communications,4 (2013): 2778.

5.Rouhani, Mehdi, Foo Yong L., Jonathan Hobley, Jisheng Pan, Gomathy Sandhya Subramanian, X Yu, Andrivo RUSYDI and Sergey Gorelik, "Photochromism of amorphous molybdenum oxide films with different initial Mo5+ relative concentrations". Applied Surface Science, 273 (2013).

6.Li, Z, M Bosman, Z Yang, P Ren, L Wang, L CAO, X Yu, C Ke, M B H BREESE, Andrivo RUSYDI, W Zhu, Z Dong and Y Foo, "Interface and Surface Cation Stoichiometry Modified by Oxygen Vacancies in Epitaxial Manganite Films". Advanced Functional Materials, (2012).

7.MATHEW, S, G KALON, T K CHAN, X Yu, D Zhan, L Cal, Andrivo RUSYDI, M B H BREESE, S DHAR, T V VENKATESAN, ZX Shen and JTL Thong, "Magnetism in MoS2 induced by proton irradiation". Applied Physics Letters, 101 (2012): 120103.

8.CAO, L, Y WANG, J Q ZHONG, Y Wang, W Zhang, X Yu, F Xu, D QI and A T S Wee, "Electronic Structure, Chemical Interactions and Molecular Orientations of 3,4,9,10-Perylene-tetracarboxylic-dianhydride on TiO2(110)". The Journal of Physical Chemistry C: Nanomaterials and Interfaces, 115, no. 50 (2011).

9.CAO, L, Y WANG, T Chen, W Zhang, X Yu, K Ibrahim, J Wang, H Qian, F Xu, D QI and A T S Wee, "Charge transfer dynamics of 3,4,9,10-perylene-tetracarboxylic-dianhydride molecules on Au(111) probed by resonant photoemission spectroscopy". Journal of Chemical Physics, 135, no. 17 (2011).

10.Chua, D H C, J HSIEH, X Y Gao, D QI, S CHEN, V BINNI, C H Sow, A T S Wee, J LU, K P Loh, X Yu and H O Moser, "Effects and thernal stability of hydrogen microwave plasma treatment on tetrahedral amorphous carbon films by in-situ ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy". Journal of Applied Physics, 106 (2009): 024901.

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13.Xiao Jiang Yu, Oliver Wilhelmi, Herbert O Moser, Singanallur V. Vidyaraj, Xing Yu Gao, Andrew T.S. Wee,  Tun Nyunt, Haijie Qian, Hongwei Zheng, New soft X-ray facility SINS for surface and nanoscale science at SSLS, J. Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 144-147(2005)1031

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