Prof John Michael David Coey

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

School of Physics and CRANN
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Michael Coey’s research career has been spent largely with the CNRS in Grenoble and the Physics Department in Trinity College, Dublin, where he is currently Professor Emeritus.  His interests have been focused on magnetism in many guises – oxides, metals, semiconductors, minerals, thin-film devices and magnetic field effects on biological and electrochemical systems. In Singapore, he is interested in oxide interfaces and d0 magnetism. He is author of many papers and books, including Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (Cambridge 2010). His group has trained 50 PhDs over the past 30 years. He helped create CRANN, Ireland’s nanoscience research centre, the Science Gallery at Trinity College and the company Magnetic Solutions. Awards and Honours include the Gold Medal of the Royal Irish Academy, visiting Einstein Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fellowship of the Royal Society and Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Sciences.

Research Areas:

d-zero magnetism, new hard magnetic materials, multifunctional oxides and oxide interfaces, spin electronics, magnetic field effects on nucleation and growth

Research Interest:

Magnetism, magnetic materials, spin electronics, magnetoelectrochemistry, magnetobiology