Liang Haidong

Research Fellow


Ph.D. in Department of Physics, National University of Singapore, Aug 2009 – Aug 2013
PI: Prof. Mark B. H. Breese,
Research topic: Ion beam irradiation induced Si micro & nano machining for Si photonics

B.Sc. in Department of Physics, Nanjing University, China, 2005 – 2009.

Research Areas:

Near-IR and Mid-IR photonics,
Vertical coupling photonics on SOI and 3D photonics on bulk Si,
Si Nanostencils,
The effect of ion irradiation on N-type Si,
Microfluidics for CO2 reduction,

Selected Publications:

1. H. D. Liang, V. S. Kumar, J. F. Wu, B.Q. Xiong, C.Y. Yang, A. A. Bettiol, M. B. H. Breese, Fabrication of 3D photonic components on bulk crystalline silicon, Optics Express, 23(1), 01/2015.

2. J. F. WuB. H. NgH. D. LiangM. B. H. Breese, M. H. HongS. A. MaierH. O. Moser and O. Hess, Chiral Metafoils for Terahertz Broadband High-Contrast Flexible Circular Polarizers, Physical Review Applied 08/2014; 2:014005.

3. H. D. Liang, Vanga S. Kumar, J. F. Wu and M. B. H. Breese, Ion Beam Irradiation Induced Fabrication of Vertical Coupling Waveguides, Applied Physics Letters, Vol.102, Issue 13, 2013.