Hariom Jani

PH.D Student



I am pursuing a PhD under NUS Grad School of Integrative Sciences, investigating the effects of doping on various functional properties of oxides. I have previously conducted research on tuning electrical properties of Manganites via hydrostatic pressure, in NUS (Singapore). I have also worked on Ab-initio calculations of electron-phonon coupling in Germanium, in Ecole Polytechnique (Paris).

I enjoy teaching Physics. I have worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Dept of Physics (NUS), where I taught both technical and exposure courses, directed to the physics major and non-major students. I am also the physics teaching faculty at ‘Raising a Mathematician’ an NGO based in India, which is targeted at teaching science and math in a student-centric, research-based approach.

Research Interest:

1. Functional Oxide Electronics
2. Hydrogen Doping in Binary and Perovskite Oxides
3. Neuromorphic Devices
4. Modelling of electrical and magneto-transport phenomena