NUSNNI Outreach Programme

We organize programs for Secondary and A-level students to expose them to ideas of nanoscience and technology, and discuss about its relevance in the modern-day world. These programs typically include interactive lectures, experiment demonstrations and lab-tours in NanoCore. We showcase to students various fascinating aspects of the nanoworld and allow them to observe cutting-edge research tools operating in real-time.Through this program we hope to encourage Singaporean students to take up further studies and careers related to the sciences

If you would like to schedule a visit, please drop an email to nnima@nus.edu.sg

Recent Visits: High school students from Raffles Institution, Kobe high school and students from Republic Polytechnique visited NUSNNI

Program for Enhancing Student Engagement in Physics

NUSNNI researchers in collaboration with Curriculum Planning & Development Division (MOE HQ) are developing teaching demos to make Modern Physics instruction more engaging, and interactive. We have successfully obtained MAF Tier 1 grant for carrying out hands-on and online demonstration based pedagogy for enhancing student engagement in Physics. We are building tools which will help A-level physics teachers take their students for deeper dives into complex subject matters such as Quantum, Solid State and Nuclear Physics, while allowing them to experiment and have lots of fun

The main goal here is to inspire students to cultivate an investigative approach to learning. The demos we are building include - The Quantum Eraser (to observe quantum wave-particle duality of light), DIY Cloud Chamber (to observe radioactive decays), DIY Plasma tube (to observe  electronic transitions in gas molecules) and many others