Graduate Programme

NUSNNI Graduate Programme

A Challenging and Rewarding Experience among Serious Scientists!

NUSNNI is committed to providing participating individuals a challenging environment that enhances their scientific, engineering, medical or commercial careers. NUSNNI does this by fostering collaboration between participants and by matching ambitious and capable research students with world renowned faculty. Individual researchers participating in NUSNNI have access to a wide network of people in the academic sector, the technology sector, the medical sector, as well as the business and financial sector. Students and staff in NUSNNI are able to utilize this network to further their goals.

Excellent students from all scientific and engineering, as well as biomedical disciplines are welcome to apply for PhD at NUSNNI. Students whom we are recruiting typically are in the top 10% of their class and have shown the ambition and ability to immerse themselves in challenging, high impact research projects. We also highly welcome students who have entrepreneurial ambitions.

Application process

Apply to the department of your choice at NUS before the stipulated deadline stated on the faculty webpage. We look through the departmental applications and shortlist candidates. We do not have a separate application portal.

Explore the funding possibilities and contact us if you intend to apply!

The NUS PhD-MBA programme is for students who are interested in science, technology and business.

NUS-NGS has scholarships. Students on NGS scholarships are typically advised by two advisers, one of which must be NGS faculty. The NGS adviser can, but need not be, also a NUSNNI faculty.

SINGA has scholarships. Please check their website to find out more.
NUS Research Scholarship is open to all.