2010 Apr 14

1st Singapore Venture Club

Wednesday, 06:30 am - 10:00 pm, T-Lab 10th floor, T-Lab 10th floor,rooftop lounge, singapore - 117581
2010 Apr 14

To bring together technology focused current and future entrepreneurs and investors in
Singapore on a regular basis in an open, informal and relaxed setting to share experiences and
ideas and learn from each other in order to be even more successful in future endeavors.
There will be one or a very small number of short presentations in every session, given by reallife
entrepreneurs and/or investors.

This time Datta, a serial entrepreneur in the internet and new media area, will give a talk on his latest idea/start-up. Anindya was an academic at Georgia Tech in the US as well as a serial technology entrepreneur with investment backing from top Silicon Valley VCs. He is currently an Associate Professor at NUS. For his latest idea he recently won an NRF Proof of Concept grant.


There will be a copious buffet with sushi, pizza and other excellent food. There will be plenty of
beer and other drinks. Dinner and drinks will be available throughout the session.

RSVP, Questions
For RSVP please email elemdk@nus.edu.sg for questions email phyld@nus.edu.sg.

1st Singapore Venture Club

Date / Day: 14 Apr 2010, Wednesday

Time: 06:30 am

Venue: T-Lab 10th floor, T-Lab 10th floor,rooftop lounge

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