2011 Mar 03

2nd Singapore Venture Workshop

Thursday, 05:00 pm - 10:00 pm, University Hall NUS, University Hall, Singapure Singapore, University Hall NUS, University Hall, Singapore - 117581
2011 Mar 03


5 pm Coffee & Networking

5.20 Welcome

5.30 – 8 Workshop Talks and Q&A Panel Session

8 – 10 Networking Dinner and Drinks

Speakers and Workshop Talks

Program Outline

From Idea to Execution: How to Develop a Successful Product Rishi Kumar & Varun Chatterji, CTO and co-Founders, tenCube (now part of McAfee)

The Conflicting Challenges Faced in a B2B Startup Peter Lendermann, CEO and co-Founder, D-SIMLAB Technologies Incorporating Feedback into aNewly Developed Product Renuga Gopal, Vice President and co-Founder, Biomers B2C Marketing for StartupsNegotiating Your First Deal Varun Arora, CEO and co-Founder, Goto Camera Carl Firth, CEO and co-Founder, ASLAN Pharmaceuticals Making a Startup ProfitableQuickly Frank Levinson, Director and Founder, Small WorldGroup; co-Founder and former CTO, Finisar

Q&A Panel Session

Speakers andaudience engage in a Q&A panel session around the following topics: Development, Marketing, Negotiations, and Profitability.


Please RSVP with your name and contact details to daniel@nus.edu.sg.

Organizing Team

Arko Barman, PhD student, NanoCore Shalin Mehta, PhD Student, NUS Bioengineering Wang Xiao, PhD Student, NanoCore Howard Califano, Director, SMART Innovation Centre Jes Leeyau, SMART Innovation Centre Daniel Lubrich, Head, NanoSpark YJ Shin, PhD Student, NanoCore


NUSNNI-NanoCore, SMART Innovation Centre

Speaker Biographies and Outlines of Talks

Incorporating Feedback into a Newly Developed Product – Renuga Gopal

The closer a newly developed product is to market launch, the more important it becomes to test the product with potential customers and incorporate feedback in order to improve. Doing this efficiently is especially important for startup companies as resources are limited and deadlines are pressing. In her talk Renuga will draw on her extensive experience as co-Founder and Vice President of BioMers to elucidate important issues in the development of a physical product.

Renuga Gopal is a co-Founder and vice president for Product Development of BioMers, a Singapore based company that specializes in the development of polymer composite based products for biomedical application. Renuga has extensive experience in product development and manufacturing. Renuga is also one of the inventors of the patented technology used by BioMers to develop the only clear polymer composite orthodontic wire in the market. Renuga has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering Science from the National University of Singapore.

Making a Startup Profitable Quickly – Frank Levinson

The ultimate goal of a business is to turn a profit. Profits are used for investment and growth and for rewarding shareholders who have put their money at risk. Profitable businesses benefit society not only with their products and services, but also with the profit taxes they pay. In a free market, profitable enterprises flourish, unprofitable ones eventually perish. In his talk Frank will use his extensive experience as entrepreneur and investor to discuss important principles of turning a startup into a profitable enterprise quickly.

Frank Levinson is a co-founder and former CTO of Finisar Corporation, a leading optical fiber company now listed on the NASDAQ. Frank is a venture partner at Phoenix Venture Partners and founder and managing director of Small World Group Incubator. With its unique approach and brand, Small World Group (SWG) will bring to Singapore, an incubator focused primarily on  clean technology and optical systems. Startups in mid-infrared laser systems,solar thin film equipment, biomachines for agriculture, and CO2-to-fuel
processing are a few of the opportunities we expect to incubate. These areas require hardware development, so SWG startup companies will partner with Singapore
Institutions such as the National University of Singapore and the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology to leverage their deep strengths and existing equipment to rapidly
reach early milestones and efficiently use the funding they receive. SWG’s method starts companies by matching existing IP and functioning technology from the USA and Europe with a  Singapore entrepreneur-in residence (EIR). From this strong starting point, the EIR can develop and then together with their team execute a business plan that achieves very significant progress within one year of founding. A fast start often creates a positive, energetic culture that carries a new business rapidly through its formative stages. Frank holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Virginia.

Negotiating Your First Deal – Carl Firth

Negotiating, whether with customers, employees, partners or investors is a very important activity that entrepreneurs must master. Interests of the involved parties need to be recognized and aligned for an agreement to be reached and sustained. In his talk, Carl will share his experience in making deals in the pharmaceutical industry to elaborate on how deals are best negotiated.

Carl Firth is Founder and CEO of ASLAN Pharmaceuticals, an Asia enabled pharmaceutical company that develops novel medicines for global markets. Previously, he was Head of Asia Healthcare at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, supporting public and private financing of healthcare companies across the region and advising on M&A transactions. Prior to joining the banking industry, he worked in China and Asia for 4 years leading business development, strategic projects and the development of new products. Carl has held positions in other commercial areas in the UK, including acquisitions, licensing and competitive intelligence, and has over 5 years of pharmaceutical R&D experience. Carl holds a PhD from Cambridge University in Molecular Biology and an Executive MBA from London Business School.

The Conflicting Challenges Faced in a B2B Startup – Peter Lendermann

Selling to business customers can be very profitable. One large order could provide great margins
and sustain a company for years. But marketing and selling to businesses requires unique skills.
New organizations with a short history often have difficulties convincing larger organizations to
work with them. Not only do startups market new products or services that would require a
business customer to change in certain aspects, but engaging with a new organization also bears
unique risks for a business customer. For example: Will the new supplier be around long enough
to help maintaining the new product? Peter will share his experience and some of the conflicting
challenges associated with dealing with business customers in the aerospace and semiconductor

Peter Lendermann is the CEO of D-SIMLAB Technologies, a Singapore based
company that provides software products to customers in the air-transport and
semiconductor industries. Before starting D-SIMLAB in 2007, Peter worked as
manager in various consulting and technology organizations for more than 15
years. Peter holds a PhD from the Humboldt University in Berlin and a Masters
in International Economics and Management from SDA Bocconi in Milan, Italy.

Business to Consumer Marketing for Startups – Varun Arora

Individual customers who buy products or services for their own use are sometimes referred to as
consumers. Marketing and selling to consumers has particular opportunities and particular
challenges. Individuals can make purchasing decisions quickly and a few influential customers
recommending a product to others can quickly start a trend that can be very profitable for
companies who know how to take advantage of this. Startups selling to consumers often face
particular challenges including small marketing budgets, incomplete view of the market and
unproven business models. In his talk, Varun will share his experience as CEO of GotoCamera to
demonstrate how to attack opportunities in consumer markets.

Varun Arora is co-founder and CEO of GotoCamera (www.gotocamera.com), a
Singapore based company that is making mobile and Web-based video
monitoring accessible to everyone everywhere. Founded in September 2009 –
at the peak of the global recession – the company is now recognized as the
global leader in its space, has received accolades and awards from the likes of
the San Francisco Chronicle, the New Zealand Herald, PC World, and the IEC,
and counts global technology leaders among its partners. A recipient of the
Spring TECS POV, the Company’s investors include local and overseas Angels
and Spring SEEDS. Varun was previously a General Manager at M1’s R&D subsidiary, prior to
which he was Senior Director at EdgeMatrix, and held a number of positions at Planetasia in India
in his first “real” job, where he consulted on projects involving audience development and Web
strategy. Varun’s a committed foodie who lives to eat, enjoys fiction (Ludlum, Baldacci, Flynn…),
TV shows (Castle, The Mentalist, Boston Legal, The Big Bang Theory…), and meeting interesting
people around the world. Varun has an MBA and a BSc from Bombay University.

From Idea to Execution: How to Develop a Successful Product – Rishi Israni and Varun Chatterji

Developing idea into an actual product or service is crucial for any technology startup company.
Depending on the complexity of the product or service that a company is offering a more or less
sizable team needs to be assembled. Skills, personalities and working styles need to be
compatible and a positive atmosphere needs to be created where pressure is balanced with
support. Rishi and Varun will share their experience from developing a mobile phone security
application on multiple platforms for their startup company, TenCube.

Rishi and Varun are co-founders of Singapore based startup company TenCube,
which after a recent multi-million Dollar acquisition is now part of McAfee Inc. Rishi
was also the CTO of TenCube. Rishi (pictured) holds a Bachelors in Computing from
the National University of Singapore, Varun holds a Bachelors in Computing from
the National University of Singapore.

2nd Singapore Venture Workshop

Date / Day: 03 Mar 2011, Thursday

Time: 05:00 pm

Venue: University Hall NUS, University Hall, Singapure Singapore, University Hall NUS, University Hall


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