Director’s Message

When I left the US to come to Singapore it was with the dream of building a mini Bell Labs like Institution that will attract eager and smart people to come and work together in the field of nano technology and science. With the generous support of NUS’ administration NanoCore got off the ground and the goal of this institution was to create advanced research facilities with access to as many people as possible on the Campus. Our immediate objective was to create an environment that will reward multi-disciplinary collaborations and produce an open, sharing environment (NUSNNI). All these facilities are co-managed by Directors Mark Breese and me.

The members of the Institute have won numerous major awards and the research areas covered under these grants range over,

  • Oxides and tailored and nano structured atomically sharp interfaces
  • Next generation Magnetic Tunnel Junctions combining ferroelectrics and oxides
  • Scalable Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Insitu- growth and study of quantum interfaces
  • Novel surfaces for Photo catalysis

Most recently we have launched a major program in the area of bio-adaptive inorganic interfaces, covering,

  • Lipid isolation using oxide surfaces
  • Stem cell differentiation of Oxide surfaces
  • Bio films on oxide surfaces
  • Study of the corona effect in nano drug delivery
  • Cell ingestion of nano particles
  • Bio-compatible implants

Close to 25 faculty members are working with NUSNNI from Departments all across the Campus and also from the A*Star Laboratories. We have over 30 International collaborators and MOUs with many leading Institutions.

At NUSNNI we believe that the combined strengths of a collaborative team is orders of magnitude bigger than the sum of the individuals. In a multidisciplinary field such as Nanotechnology this is all the more true.

We see nano technology solutions in some of the most critical areas of importance to humanity, energy, water purification, environment (CO2 sequestration), electronics-sensors and health. At NUSNNI we hope to train our young people to prepare them for academia, industry and the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. We envision a Laboratory where the students can interact with any of the faculty or researchers and pursue their dreams in a nurturing environment. Sky is the limit in terms of what one can achieve here!


All these facilities are co-managed by Deputy Director Ariando and me.We welcome you to our website and take a tour of what we have to offer.

- Prof T Venky Venkatesan, Director, NUSNNI