Alumni Association Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

01 Sep 2016

Prof. Kripa Shanker October 17, 2015


Dear  Prof Venkatesan

I am immensely happy and proud to intimate to you that you have been recommended   for the Distinguished Alumnus Award  2015 (under the category Academic  Excellence).

Kindly accept our warm and hearty congratulations for being nominated for the most prestigious award that the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur confers on its  alumni for their extraordinary and exemplary achievements.  

The award ceremony is scheduled for November 2, 2015. November 2, as perhaps you might be  knowing, is the Foundation Day of the Institute.  On this occasion, the awardees are given a plaque and a citation. We also honor the family members accompanying the recipient.

In this regard I will request you to kindly send me electronically :

  1. A Citation  in MS Word (550-575 words)

  2. A Recent photograph (high resolution).

I admit that  there has been delay this time in making the final recommendations for awards. I would request you to kindly send the above at your earliest as we need them to prepare our event documents, publicity posters (with photograph) for campus and media,  and for the IITK DAA Booklet.

Finally, I would like to invite you along with your family members to attend the function and receive the award personally.  Kindly intimate your travel plan to us (; 9415042484) so that we can plan the accommodation and other local arrangements.

Congratulations once again !

Kripa Shanker

Secretary , Alumni Association, IIT Kanpur and

Member-Secretary, Distinguished Alumnus Award Evaluation Committee 2015