Student Awards 2013!

19 Apr 2016

Congratulations to Ms Sun Lin for receiving the "best poster award" from ICMAT on 5th July 2013 for the poster titled "Coexsistance of semi-confined 2DEG and 3 dimensional Fermi liquid in LaxSr 1-x TiO/ SrTiOheterostructure".


Congratulations to Mr Michal Marcin Dykas for receiving the "best poster awards" in the following conferences/symposiums

1. 4th Trilateral Conference on Advances in Nanoscience
Title: Interactions of cells with bio-adaptive metal oxide surfaces

2. NGS 6th Annual Symposium – L.O.R
Title: Super-resolution Scanning Helium Ion Microscopy for Biological Imaging


Congratulations to Mr Abhijeet Patra for receiving 2nd Prize at EURAXESS ASEAN Science Slam, September 2013