Research opening for students enrolled in MSc Programme @ NUS

26 Feb 2014

We are currently looking out for students enrolled in Master of Science programme at NUS and who are interested in doing the 8 MC project with us. Please find the description of the project below. Interested candidates please email your CV to

Description of the Project: Metal oxides exhibit exceptional optical, electrical and magnetic properties and play a very significant role in wide range of applications such as in energy harvesters, optical devices and biomedical devices, to name a few. Though various experimental techniques are available to synthesize metal oxides, hydrothermal process offers unique advantages which include low temperature, low cost, high quality and large surface area growth of metal oxides with tailor-made properties. Research scope of this project includes hydrothermal synthesis of metal oxide polymorphs (e.g. VO2, TiO2, ZnO) and characterization of the low temperature grown metal oxide thin films for various applications. Students will get hands on experiences in low temperature growth techniques and varaious characterizaion tools (e.g. PPMS, XRD, SEM, to name a few).