Awards & honours

1. George E. Pake Prize, APS (2012)
2. Bellcore Award of Excellence (1989)
3. UMD Graduate Board Award (1995)
4. Fellow of APS & World Innovation Forum (1986 & 2007)
5. Honorary Professor, Tsinghua Univ. Beijing (2005 – 2008)
6. IPS President’s Gold Medal (2013)
7. Provost Chair Professor, NUS (2013-2016)
8. Founder, Chairman, Neocera (1989-Present)
9. Founding Member, International Oxide Electronics Workshop (1994 – now)
10. Academician – Asia Pacific Association for Materials (2014)
11. ISI Highly Cited Researcher (1998)
12. Distinguished Alumnus Award 2015 (under the category Academic Excellence) by IIT Kanpur

1. NUS Young Researcher Award (2006)

2. Institute of Physics Singapore World Scientific (Physics Research) Medal and Prize (2005)

1. NUS Young Researcher Award (2008)

2. Outstanding Chemist Award (2009)

3. Singapore Millennium Foundation Research Horizon Award (2010)

4.Dean’s Chair Professor (2010)

5.American Chemical Society (ACS) Nano Lectureship award (2013)

6.Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK)

1.NUS Young Investigator Award (2007)

2.Singapore National Young Scientist Award (2010)

3.BASF-Singapore National Institute of Chemistry Award in Materials Science (2012)

4.NUS Young Researcher Award (2012)

5.Invited Lecturer of Asian Excellence from the Japanese Society of Polymer Science (2012)

6.Asian Core Program Lectureship Award from Japan (2010) & Hong Kong (2013)

7.Distinguished Lectureship Award, The Chemical Society of Japan (2013)

1.Young Scientist Award, Faculty of Science, NUS (2013)

2.Omicron Nanotechnology Medal, Institute of Physics Singapore, Singapore (2010)

1.National Singapore Academy of Science (SNAS) Young Investigator Award (2010)

2.Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation “Hot Science and Emerging Talent” Award (2009)

1.Rubicon Award, NWO, The Netherlands (placed second in the world) (2012)

2.Outstanding Research Student Award, TSMC, Taiwan (2011)

3.Chinese Government Award, Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad (2013)

1.FIAP Outstanding papers, American Physical Society (March 2011)

2.President’s Graduate Fellowship, NUS, (June 2012)

3.Best Graduate Researcher Award, FOS-NUS (July 2012)

4.Chinese Government Award, Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad (2013)

1.NUS Young Researcher Award (2013)

2.World Scientific (Physics Research) Medal & Prize, APS (2013)

1. "Gaurav Award", equivalent to an Outstanding Alumni Award, from Chinmaya Intl School Residential School in India

1. 2016 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad