Graduate Programme

A Challenging and Rewarding Experience among Serious Scientists


NanoCore is committed to providing participating individuals a challenging environment that enhances their scientific, engineering, medical or commercial careers. NanoCore does this by fostering collaboration between participants and by matching ambitious and capable research students with world renowned faculty. Individual researchers participating in NanoCore have access to a wide network of people in the academic sector, the technology sector, the medical sector, as well as the business and financial sector. Students and staff in NanoCore are able to utilize this network to further their goals. For currently available positions please see below.


NanoCore PhD Program – NanoCore PhD Scholarships

Excellent students from all scientific and engineering, as well as biomedical disciplines are welcome to apply for NanoCore PhD Scholarships. Students whom we are recruiting typically are in the top 10% of their class and have shown the ambition and ability to immerse themselves in challenging, high impact research projects. We also highly welcome students who have entrepreneurial ambitions.


The scholarship entails:

  • 4 years of funding
  • full coverage of all tuition and fees
  • monthly living allowance (12 months per year)
  • possibility to work with any NanoCore researcher/collaborator


Students from Asia, Europe, America and Africa are currently working in many departments at the NUS. NanoCore participants have especially diverse backgrounds. Hence we encourage excellent students from all backgrounds to apply.


Application process

1) If you see a fit then please send your Cover Letter and CV. The Cover Letter should briefly introduce you and state your motivation to work at NanoCore. If you can, name research areas you would like to work in. If possible, identify which department you would like to be attached to and give the name(s) of potential supervisor(s) you would like to work with. Highlight any achievements that show academic and/or entrepreneurial capabilities. Please limit your cover letter to approximately 400 words. Your CV should be clear and concise. Please name two (three if you can) individuals whom you have worked or studied under and who are able to provide a reference.


If you have taken the GRE and an english test (e.g. TOEFL), please include the scores in your CV, official test scores can be sent later. Send Cover Letter and CV as one pdf file, the Cover Letter should occupy the first page, the CV should occupy subsequent pages. Name the file: “lastname_firstname_nanocore_phd.pdf”. Please make sure that the email address on your Cover Letter and CV matches the email address you use to contact us. Please keep the text in the email to one or two sentences. In the subject line please put: “NanoCore PhD application: Last Name First Name”. Please send your letter to us by 5th October 2015 for the August 2015 intake.


1) Based on the initial letter with CV and cover letter, NanoCore will shortlist students and the shortlisted candidates will be informed about the outcome of their application by 15th October 2015.


2) Successful applicants will be asked to submit a completed NUS graduate studies application form to their respective department by 1st November  (Engineering) and by 15th November 2015 (Faculty of Science). The copy of the submitted application and the supporting documents should also be sent to


3) The outcome of the departmental application process is expected early 2015. NanoCore supported applicants have a very good chance to be admitted to a department at NUS.


Note: We do not have January intakes


NanoCore PhD Program – Other Scholarships


There are other funding possibilities than NanoCore’s own PhD Scholarship. Please explore them and contact us if you intend to apply.


The NUS PhD-MBA Programme is for students who are interested in science, technology and business.


NUS-NGS has scholarships. Students on NGS scholarships are typically advised by two advisers, one of which must be NGS faculty. The NGS adviser can, but need not be, also a NanoCore faculty.


SINGA has scholarships. Please check their website to find out more.


NUS Research Scholarship is open to all.

Frequently Asked Questions   1. To which email id should I send my application and queries?   Please send your applications and queries to Applications and queries sent to other email accounts will not be processed.   2. When will I know the outcome of my application?   Due to high volume of applicants every semester, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. The intimation will reach them by 15th April 2014.   3. Will I be updated about the status of my application?   No. We will not update the status of the application until the final decision is made.   4. I belong to “this” country. Am I eligible to apply?   We encourage students from all over the world to apply and there are no restrictions.   5. What are the requirements to apply for the Nanocore PhD scholarship?   You should hold an undergraduate degree and the detailed requirements can be found in our webpage.   6. Do I have to submit my GRE and TOEFL scores along with my cover letter and CV?   Submission of GRE and TOEFL scores with the CV are not mandatory, however students must send in the scores once they have been shortlisted.   7. I will be completing my undergraduate degree in early 2014. Can I apply for the PhD programme?   Yes