2015 Publications

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  3. 3. Abhijeet Patra , Tao Ding , Gokce Engudar , Yi Wang , Michal Marcin Dykas , Bo Liedberg , James Chen Yong Kah , Thirumalai Venkatesan* and Chester Lee Drum *Component-Specific Analysis of Plasma Protein Corona Formation on Gold Nanoparticles Using Multiplexed Surface Plasmon Resonance. Small. 201501603 (2015)
  4. 4. Kalon Gopinadhan, Young J. Shin, Rashid Jalil, Thirumalai Venkatesan, Andre K. Geim, Antonio H.C. Neto & Hyunsoo Yang* Extremely large magnetoresistance in few-layer graphene/boron-nitride heterostructures. Nature Communications, 6, 8337 (2015)
  5. 5. Kelsey A. Stoerzinger, Weiming Lü, Changjian Li, Ariando, T. Venkatesan, and Yang Shao-Horn*Highly Active Epitaxial La(1–x)SrxMnO3 Surfaces for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction: Role of Charge Transfer. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6, (8), 1435-1440 (2015)
  6. 6. Dacheng Wang, Lingchao Zhang, Yinghong Gu, M. Q. Mehmood, Yandong Gong, Amar Srivastava, Linke Jian, T. Venkatesan, Cheng-Wei Qiu & Minghui Hong* Switchable Ultrathin Quarter-wave Plate in Terahertz Using Active Phasechange Metasurface. Scientific Reports; 5: 15020 (2015)
  7. 7. X. Renshaw Wang, Lin Sun, Z. Huang, W. Lu, M. Rao Motapothula, A. Annadi, Zhiqi Liu, Shengwei Zeng, T. Venkatesan, and Ariando* Parallel charge sheets of electron liquid and gas in La0.5Sr0.5TiO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures. Scientific Reports – In Print
  8. 8. X. Renshaw Wang, C.J. Li, W.M. Lu, T.R. Paudel, D.P. Leusink, M. Hoek, N. Poccia, A. Vailionis, T. Venkatesan*, J.M.D. Coey, E.Y. Tsymbal, Ariando, H. Hilgenkamp* Imaging and control of ferromagnetism in LaMnO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures. Science, 349, 716 (2015)
  9. 9. C. J. Li, Z. Q. Liu, W. M. Lü, X. R. Wang, A. Annadi, S.W. Zeng, Ariando, T. Venkatesan* Tailoring the Two Dimensional Electron Gas at Polar ABO3/SrTiO3 Interfaces for Oxide Electronics. Scientific Reports 5, 13314 (2015)
  10. 10. Rui Guo, Z. Wang, S.W. Zeng, K. Han, L.S. Huang, D.G. Schlom, T. Venkatesan*, Ariando, J.S. Chen* Functional ferroelectric tunnel junctions on silicon. Scientific Reports 5, 12576 (2015)
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  12. 12. H.H.J. Ma, T. Venkatesan*, S.J. Wang, Ariando* Temperature dependence of photoluminescence spectra of bilayer two-dimensional electron gases in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 superlattices: coexistance of Auger recombination and single-carrier trapping. AIP Advances 5, 067163 (2015)
  13. 13. K. Gopinadhan, B. Kumar, N. Palina, M. Motapathula, I. Pallecchi, T. Sarkar, Y. Zhihua, J.Q. Chen, A. Annadi, A. Rana, A. Srivastava, D. Marre, J.S. Chen, Ariando, S. Dhar, A. Rusydi, T. Venkatesan* Effect of Nb and Ta substitution on donor electron transport and ultrafast carrier dynamics in anatase TiO2 thin films. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3, 6329 (2015)
  14. 14. K. Gopinadhan, A. Annadi, Y.H. Kim, A. Srivastava, B. Kumar, J.S. Chen, J.M.D. Coey, Ariando, T. Venkatesan* Gate Tunable In- and Out-of-Plane Spin-Orbit Coupling and Spin Splitting Anisotropy at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 (110) Interface. Advanced Electronic Materials. 1500114, 1-8 (2015)
  15. 15. Qiaoliang Bao, Jianqiang Chen, Yuanjiang Xiang, Kai Zhang, Shaojuan Li, Xiaofang Jiang, Qing-Hua Xu, Kian Ping Loh, Venkatesan T* Graphene Nanobubbles : A New Optical Nonlinear Material. Advanced Optical Materials 00,1-6 (2015)
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  18. 18. Pranjal Kumar Gogoi, Paolo E. Trevisanutto, Ming Yang, Iman Santoso, Teguh Citra Asmara, Aleksandrs Terentjevs, Fabio Della Sala, Mark B. H. Breese, T. Venkatesan, Yuan Ping Feng, Kian Ping Loh, Antonio H. Castro Neto, Andrivo Rusydi* Optical conductivity renormalization of graphene on SrTiO3 due to resonant excitonic effects mediated by Ti3 d orbitals. Physical Review B 91, 035424 (2015)
  19. 19. Jie Tang, Jianwei Chai, Jian Huang, Liyuan Deng, Xuan S. Nguyen, Linfeng Sun, T. Venkatesan, Zexiang Shen, Chuan Beng Tay, and Soo Jin Chua* ZnO Nanorods with Low Intrinsic Defects and High Optical Performance Grown by Facile Microwave-Assisted Solution Method. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Article ASAP.10.1021 (2015)
  20. 20. C. J. Li, W. M. Lü,X. Renshaw Wang, X. P. Qiu, L. Sun, S. W. Zeng, Z. Q. Liu, Z. Huang, Y. L. Zhao, Ariando, T. Venkatesan* Nature of Electron Scattering in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Interfaces Near the Critical Thickness. Advanced Materials Interfaces Volume 2, 1400437, January 7 (2015) – Featured on the cover
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