2011 Publications

  1. Dang, Z.Y. Motapothula, M. ; Ow, Y. S. ; Venkatesan, T. ; Breese, M. B. H. ; Rana, M. A. ; Osman, A* Fabrication of large-area ultra-thin single crystal silicon membranes. Applied Physics Letters 99 (22) : 223105 (2011) .
  2. Lu, W. M. Wang, X. ; Liu, Z. Q. ; Dhar, S. ; Annadi, A. ; Gopinadhan, K. ; Roy Barman, A. ; Su, H. B. ;Venkatesan, T. ; Ariando* Metal-insulator transition at a depleted LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface: Evidence for charge transfer induced by SrTiO3 phase transitions .
    Applied Physics Letters 99 (17) : 172103 - 172103-3 (2011) .
  3. S. Mathew, T. K. Chan, D. Zhan, K. Gopinadhan, A. Roy Barman, M. B. H. Breese, S. Dhar1, Z. X. Shen, T. Venkatesan, and John T. L. Thong * Mega-electron-volt proton irradiation on supported and suspended graphene: A Raman spectroscopic layer dependent study. Journal of Applied Physics 110 (8) : 084309 (2011) .
  4. Z. Q. Liu (Zhiqi Liu), D. P. Leusink, W. M. Lü, X. Wang, X. P. Yang, K. Gopinadhan, Y. T. Lin, A. Annadi, Y. L. Zhao, A. Roy Barman, S. Dhar, Y. P. Feng, H. B. Su, G. Xiong, T. Venkatesan, Ariando* Reversible metal-insulator transition in LaAlO3 thin films mediated by intragap defects: An alternative mechanism for resistive switching. Physical Review B, 84 (16) : 165106 (2011).
  5. Chen X, Udalagama CN, Chen CB, Bettiol AA, Pickard DS, Venkatesan T, Watt F* Whole-Cell Imaging at Nanometer Resolutions Using Fast and Slow Focused Helium Ions. Biophysical Society. J. Oct 5, 101 (7) : 1788-93 (2011) .
  6. Liu, Z. Q. Leusink, D. P.; (Wang, X; Lu, W. M; Gopinadhan, K.; Annadi, A; Zhao, Y. L; Huang, X. H, Zeng, S. W, Huang, Z, Srivastava, A, Dhar, S, Venkatesan, T, Ariando* Metal-Insulator Transition in SrTiO3-x Thin Films Induced by Frozen-Out Carriers. Physical Review Letters , 107 (14) : 416802 (2011).
  7. Santoso, I. Gogoi, P. K, Su, H. B. Huang, H, Lu, Y, Qi, D, Chen, W, Majidi, M. A, Feng, Y. P, Wee, A. T. S, Loh, K. P, Venkatesan, T, Saichu, R. P, Goos, A, Kotlov, A, Ruebhausen, M, Rusydi, A.* Observation of room-temperature high-energy resonant excitonic effects in graphene. Physical Review B 84 (8) : 081403 (2011) .
  8. Wang, X, Lue, W. M, Annadi, A, Liu, Z. Q, Gopinadhan, K, Dhar, S, Venkatesan, T, Ariando* Magnetoresistance of two-dimensional and three-dimensional electron gas in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures: Influence of magnetic ordering, interface scattering, and dimensionality. Physical Review B 84 (7) : 075312 (2011) .
  9. Chen, Yuansha, Lian Guijun, Xiong, Guangcheng, Venkatesan, T.* Switching of saturation magnetization by carrier injection in YBa2Cu3O7-(delta)/alpha-Fe2O3/Nb-SrTiO3 junctions. Applied Physics Letters 98 : 232513 (2011).
  10. Dhar.S, Barman, A.Roy, Ni, G.X. Wang, X. Xu, X.F. Zheng, Y. Tripathy, S. Ariando. Rusydi, A. Loh, K.P. Rubhausen, M. Neto, A.H.Castro. Ozyilmaz, B. Venkatesan, T.* A new route to graphene layers by selective laser ablation. AIP Advances 1 (2) : 022109 (2011) .
  11. Zhao, Y. L. Barman, A. Roy. Dhar, S. Annadi, A. Motapothula, M. Wang, Jinghao. Su, HaibiN. Breese, M. Venkatesan, T. Wang, Q.* Scaling of flat band potential and dielectric constant as a function of Ta concentration in Ta-TiO2 epitaxial films. Advances 1 (2) : 022151 (2011).
  12. S. Mathew, T.K. Chan, D. Zhan, K. Gopinadhan, A.R. Barman, M.B.H. Breese, S. Dhar, Z.X. Shen, T. Venkatesan, John TL Thong* The effect of layer number and substrate on the stability of graphene under MeV proton beam irradiation. Carbon 49 (5) : 1720-1726 (2011).
  13. X. Wang, J. Q. Chen, A. Roy Barman, S. Dhar, Q.-H. Xu, T. Venkatesan, and Ariando* Static and ultrafast dynamics of defects of SrTiO3 in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures. Applied Physics Letters 98 : 081916 (2011).
  14. Ariando; Wang, X; Baskaran, G; Liu, ZQ; Huijben, J; Yi, JB; Annadi, A; Barman, AR; Rusydi, A; Dhar, S; Feng, YP; Ding, J; Hilgenkamp, H; Venkatesan, T* Electronic phase separation at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface. Nature Communications, 2 (108) : 2041-1723 (2011).
  15. Chen, JQ; Wang, X; Lu, YH; Barman, AR; You, GJ; Xing, GC; Sum, TC; Dhar, S; Feng, YP; Ariando; Xu, QH; Venkatesan, T* Defect dynamics and spectral observation of twinning in single crystalline LaAlO3 under subbandgap excitation. Applied Physics Letters 98 (4) : 041904 (2011).
  16. Roy Barman, M. Motapothula, A. Annadi, K. Gopinadhan, Y. L. Zhao, Z. Yong, I.Santoso, Ariando, M. Breese, A. Rusydi S. Dhar, and T. Venkatesan* Multifunctional Ti1-xTaxO2: Ta doping or alloying?. Applied Physics Letters 98 (7) : 072111-0721113 (2011).